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The Top 10 Lockdown Hobbies for Men

​2020 was the year we were taken over by Corona.

Our lives were turned upside down, businesses closed doors temporarily for some and permanently for those who weren't so fortunate. The pandemic saw our work and social lives take a beating with entire populations confined to the space of their homes for several months at a time.

These changes saw us with the need to go back to basics when it comes to home-entertainment. The experience of spending hours on end in one place has seen an introduction of activities we may never have discovered or in some cases, re-discovered. 

Here are a list of the top lockdown hobbies:

1. Chess

The Netflix Series, The Queen´s Gambit certainly came about at the right time. Since then, every home on the planet seems to have invested in a chess board and tried their hand at the classic game. Sales for boards and accessories have gone through the roof and it´s become the must-know game for every male and female out there. 

2. Scrabble

Another nerdy but fun classic is the scrabble board. In fact family board games soared 240% in the first UK lockdown. 

3. Learning to play an instrument

The lockdown saw a whole new rise to the “sofa rock star” bringing hours of joy to both the musical and those who have never before tried. Some of the top musical instruments that have kept us men entertained have been the ukelele, the guitar, piano and even the drums. If there was ever a time to learn music, it´s now. 

4. Video Games 

Well why not? With more free time on our hands and unable to meet people, video games have helped fill the void by connecting us with others through online games. In fact, new research from Oxford University has delivered a surprising finding; time spent playing games is positively associated with well-being.

5. Running 

Maybe it's not considered a hobby but outdoor sports like jogging and cycling has become the new norm in fitness. There was a time, pre-covid, where jogging wasn't high up on the list of fun activities, but now with a limited amount of time allowed outdoors, it has become the most effective way to destress, get fit and enjoy the surge of dopamine levels.

6. Reading

There was a time, pre-covid, where most of us were so busy with work and our social lives that there was very little or no time at all for reading. Since lockdown however, research suggests that time reading books has almost doubled with the genres of crime and thrillers leading the way, as well as personal development books. The good old paper version of a book takes preference over an audio-book and whether you choose to read to stay entertained or to escape the news of covid outbreaks, reading nourishes the mind and the soul. 

7. Learning a New Language

All of a sudden, with more time on our hands and inspired by far away places, we´ve turned to language learning as a hobby. With apps like duolingo or online courses there are no end of options to get our lingo skills up to speed before the flight corridors reopen. 

8. Cooking

We´ve gone from eating out to dining at home daily and although deliveroo was our number 1 app during the 1st lockdown, we realised that our dependence on take-aways was becoming a cause for concern… so we took up cooking and even baking. Even those of us who didn't know how to fry an egg pre-covid have tried our hand at baking a banana bread. Some of us have even realised we have a bit of a talent in the cooking world. 

9. Meditation

With rates of anxiety reportedly creeping up during the lockdown seasons it´s no wonder men have turned to meditation practice to calm the mind and control breathing. Apps like insight have made hundreds of yoga or meditation sessions accessible and enjoyable and more and more men are embracing the idea of calm and consciousness. 

10. Building a Business

With more time indoors many men have been able to research and build that business idea they'd been toying with for months or even years. Blogs, websites, product launches, book writing, investing … The list is endless. In realising that nothing is stable in a pandemic, many have turned their thoughts to creating additional income streams or realising their dreams. 

When you are passionate about what you do and enjoy the time you invest in something, this turns into a worthwhile hobby. 

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