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The 2021 Must-Try: Cryotherapy at LondonCryo

I’ve heard the word “cryotherapy” thrown around a few times but didn’t really understand the concept and its benefits until I was given the opportunity to test it out for myself.

The idea of immersing myself in an ice bath was enough to send a cold shudder down my spine but when I was told I could receive the same benefits (if not more) from a cryo-cabin, I was ready to test the waters.

I was lucky enough to get an invitation to try the full works from Maria Ensabella, Founder of LondonCryo and set off to her clinic in Belgravia. Upon arrival, Maria showed me around and gave me a breakdown of the benefits of all the treatments on the clinic menu.

For cryo, I was promised that after treatment I would feel rejuvenated (we could all do with a bit of this considering the year we’ve had in lockdown!), detoxified and restful.

The infrared sauna would allow me to detoxify the body, improve my cardiovascular system (handy because I’ve taken up a lot of jogging and cycling recently!) and help relieve joint and muscle ache. (I was liking the sound of this because as a barber, back, neck and shoulder pains are common).

A session of photobiomodulation (red light therapy) would help to stimulate, heal, regenerate and protect tissue that has either been injured or is degenerating. (Who doesn’t need a bit of this?!)

Whole body vibration therapy has shown to improve bone density, positively regulate hormones and increase the metabolic rate as well as engage and tone muscles as they adapt to the high-speed frequency of the machine. (Sounds like a dream)

I was looking forward to all of this.

Starting off in the infrared sauna, temperatures went up to 70°C which was really surprising. Usually I can’t stand 5 minutes in a standard sauna, finding it difficult to breathe through the heat, but this one felt comfortable and I relaxed while my body did all the sweating. I was able to sit through this, quite pleasantly, for 25 minutes. When my time was up, I showered off in preparation for my next session.

I stepped into the photobiomodulation booth and put both feet firmly on the vibration plate. This calls for no clothes. My eyes adjust to the red light in the room and I balance myself as the vibration therapy begins. I could feel my body tightening and tensing as the plate quickly moved and the muscle contraction was evident. The process was working. 10minutes later, completely dried off, I headed to my next treatment.

All robed up, I was handed a pair of gloves and socks as well as a pair of warm slipper boots. Maria set the machine to -120°C and I started to understand why the wooly attire was essential! I stepped into the tank-like cabin, placed my arms on my head, and allowed the machine to do its thing for almost 3 minutes - it was freezing, but wow, was it refreshing!!

Having finished my sessions, I got dressed and was really impressed with how I felt. Invigorated, rejuvenated, fresh, alert, physical tensions had disappeared and I felt lighter emotionally and physically. Maria gave an accurate picture of what to expect. Needless to say, that evening, I slept like a baby.

Short on time and high on stress, it’s no wonder we are all looking for physical and mental wellbeing solutions. The results I got in a single session were incredible. Undoubtedly, the more consistent you are with the sessions, the better the results and noticeable the long-term benefits. With the pressures and strains of our current work and personal lives, this really is a must-try.

You can find more information here and a full list of therapies at

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