Do you find yourself wishing you were somewhat less ‘ordinary’?

Struggle to push yourself into action to achieve greater things?

Do you compare yourself to your peers and feel like you live a life half led?

Fed up of not reaching your full potential?


Life can get dull when you feel like you aren’t living on your own terms and it can be difficult to shake off feelings of inadequacy when you aren’t achieving your goals.


Comparing yourself to others and living in self-doubt can have a negative impact on all areas of your life including relationships, career \nand your mental health.


In this book, you will discover all the tools you need to master confidence and shake up your current situation through mindset, self-care and action. This complete guide gives you HIS MAP to confidence - the 6 pillars that enable you to tackle whatever is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.


Get ready to adopt new habits that will see you excel in every area of life and shape you into a more confident man ready to reach his full potential. This book is a perfect balance of personal accounts, behavioural studies and action steps put together so you can reach your goals and hit new levels of self-esteem. Push yourself to new heights by completing the exercises in each chapter and work on your mindset for long lasting self-improvement.  


With a few actionable tweaks to your current lifestyle, confidence is yours to have. 

Expect to be challenged.  Expect to change.


Author's note: Why did I write this book? 


Working in men's grooming is my passion and being behind the chair has allowed me to get "up close and personal" with my clients. Conversations around grooming tips are a given in the grooming lounge and opinions on physical appearance, aging and new male beauty trends make way for interesting debates. From behind the barber chair, I listen to my client´s speak candidly about pressures at work, family life, struggles and achievements.


From these experiences, the book HIS MAP A Guide for Men on Mastering Confidence through Mindset, Self-care & Action was born. 

HIS MAP - Mastering Confidence through Mindset, Self-care & Action

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  • A5 size. Coloured page inserts. 212 pages with actionable tasks and journalling pages.

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