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Top Pick for Jan - Stylish Loungewear

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Don't put your style on the backburner, even if you spend most of your time at home

As CoronaVirus sees us spending more time at home, it’s easy to get sloppy with your dress sense. I mean, if we aren’t allowed to socialise then who cares? Wrong attitude, mate. The way you dress at home hugely affects your mood. Don’t let your wardrobe let you down. The Melange Jersey joggers in soft grey add a subtle touch of elegance to your home-life. Pair this with the Douglas sweatshirt in soft-grey for a luxe take on a wardrobe essential. Combining comfort with style and inspired by this season's athleisure trend, it's perfect for when relaxing off-duty. Wear this set with a sleek pair of white trainers for a cool, clean and relaxed look.

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