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The 5* London Stay, Timeless and Memorable

If you have a love affair with London then you are in the right place.

A mix of historical and classic with a touch of contemporary, this vibrant city has something for everyone. The Montcalm knows how to give you an uncompromising commitment through detail, luxury and quality. ​ Montcalm is one of my favourite hotel chains with a distinctive collection dotted around the finest places in London. No matter what you are looking for, each location gives the authentic London City feel and will allow you to take with you a collection of memorable moments and that you’ll always remember. ​ There is a craftsmanship in the way Montcalm delivers, through quality and detailed care. The hotels offer spas, fine dining experiences and luxury stay. Spend a long weekend and indulge in timeless elegance in landmark locations. Enjoy the Montcalm Lifestyle for design-led luxe with lively social spaces, or settle into the Montcalm Townhouse for intimate hideaways with a boutique feel. ​ The Montcalm portfolio allows you to pick the perfect place for your long weekend. Choose from a historic former brewery turned handsome five-star hotel. Maybe a graceful and elegant Georgian crescent residence is more your style? Or how about a mid-century marvel, reborn as a smart City hotel with a stunning rooftop terrace? Whatever your choice, Montcalm has the ideal retreat for you. These hotels are distinctly different and distinguished by touches of true London spirit, intuitive tech, considered comfort and outstanding personal service. ​ Montcalm also offers you a great array of activities and locations for couples and families who want an authentic experience in the heart of London. In all of my stays, Montcalm has never failed to deliver.

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