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7 Ways to Level Up

Life doesn´t go to plan. Things can get tough. In fact life is what happens when we are busy planning it. I can´t quite remember who coined that phrase but it's genius, and it's true. When things get difficult, it´s important to push on through. Sometimes we have to face the music, even if it feels like everything around us is breaking. Better men are built under pressure and there are several things you can do to make sure you come out more polished and stronger.

1. Start taking your lifestyle seriously

You have a reputation to create, relationships to nurture and an image to uphold. Your lifestyle will impact every one of these elements and it is down to you to show up correctly. The lifestyle you have is dictated by the way in which you use your time. The habits that form your daily routine and the way you invest in yourself. Are you wasting your time on activities that aren´t productive? How do you present yourself to others? Your days should be filled with positive habits that help you to achieve better performance, better results and better relationships. 2. Get your style on form What you wear, your hairstyle, your facial hair, your shoes - these say so much about you. Those who dress better and take pride in their appearance not only have higher levels of confidence, but they are also given better opportunities in life. It's not that this is "unfair", it´s simply that in order for others to take you seriously, they need to see that you take yourself seriously too. Dressing well shows that you value attention to detail and that you take pride in who you are. ​ Go to your barber regularly, learn how to shave well at home and invest in your wardrobe. ​ Once you level up your style, your self esteem will shine through. As a result, you will be more open to positive social circles, your sex life will improve and you will feel on top of the world. ​ 3. Stop Complaining Moaning and complaining is like a disease. The more you do it, the more it spreads through your body and the worse you feel. Flip the switch from negative to positive and when something doesn't go right, don't dwell on how bad it all is, but rather, look for the solution. Be a fixer, not a moaner. ​ 4. Move a lot and lift heavy As men, we are supposed to be active and not sedentary. What would our caveman ancestor say if they saw us sat on the sofa hours on end (cave man shakes head). ​ Testosterone, energy, pent up feelings - we need to use these up on a daily basis, so run around and lift heavy things whether this be weights, your own body, tyres on an obstacle course.. you choose but just move. You will feel better for it, your sex life will improve, you´ll sleep better and your mind will thank you. ​ 5. Get wise on money Invest in your future. If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we need to get smarter on our financial decisions. ​ The virus closed down thousands of businesses and saw even more individuals laid off. Hundreds of thousands have had to live off of their savings, or worse, off of Government loans and families have been taught apart by economic struggle as a result. ​ Learn about your options, diversify your income and invest for long term security. You will sleep better knowing that you´ve done everything possible to protect your future and that of your family. ​ 6. Commit to self-development Dedicate one hour a day (at least) on self-development reading and tasks. Be willing to work on your weaknesses and leverage your strengths. Do the work because bettering yourself takes time and dedication. ​ There will always be an issue that you need to deal with most so prioritise this. This could be dependence on alcohol or drugs, maybe you can´t control your anger or you can be mean to others. Whatever your “issue”, identify it and work towards fixing it. Get yourself a self-development journal so that you can note your triggers, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back. This way you will be able to consciously work on controlling your habits and turning them into positive thoughts and behaviours. ​ 7. Be kind to yourself and others Everyone has a demon inside their heads. Usually it's the one that talks down to you and convinces you that you aren´t really that smart or talented or special. It´s the one that tells you “can´t”, that “you won´t be able to”. So you tell yourself you “aren´t worth it”. Be kind to yourself - this self talk is only causing you pain and suffering. If you were to talk like this to others, naturally you would cause them pain and suffering too. Treat yourself and others with respect and kindness. This will change your outlook on life and will give you the confidence you need to believe in yourself to become a better man.

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