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7 Steps for a Bullet Proof Fitness Plan

Just like everything in life ebbs and flows, so does your motivation to get fit. ​ Frustrating isn´t it when you´ve done months of physical exertion, only to drop the ball and feel like you have to start from scratch. Here are 7 steps that you need to follow to keep your motivation fitness routine as solid as a rock.

1. Choose your Role Model

Getting into shape isn't impossible, we see so many doing it and celebrities seem to go from over or under weight to “on form” in seemingly no time. With the right nutrition and the right fitness regime it's doable but in order to feel like you are getting results, you have to define what that result is. Ask yourself what you are actually aiming for - is it lean and slender, wide and strong or maybe just generally fit and healthy looking? Choose an avatar or role model as your goal post and get inspired. 2. Get a Training Buddy When going it alone it's all too easy to throw in the towel. ​ For real results and real success you need someone to be your cheerleader but also kick you up the backside when your motivation starts to decline. There is no room for excuses and knowing that someone else has your back could help you stick to your commitment when the going gets tough. 3. Set yourself a Time Frame Be reasonable and realistic, but also push yourself. You might not get the body you want in a week but you could get it in 8 or 12 weeks. Work out how many days you will train and what your nutrition needs to look like in terms of quality and quantity. 4. Get Guidance Losing weight and building muscle is a science. Often, we know the basics but we let ourselves down on nutrition or training type. The best way to guarantee results is by getting yourself booked in with a professional, whether this be a Personal Trainer or a Nutritionist. Having a solid plan that is tailored specifically to your goals can make all the difference in the results you see. ​ 5. Plot your Plan Print out a calendar (preferably monthly) and jot down your daily training plan into each day. Then, every day that you complete your session, tick it off. There is something truly satisfying when you see a full week of commitment laid out on paper. By ticking off each training day and session, you will also be able to see where you might have missed a session and aim to do better on the next week. It´s OK to have a day off - so make sure you factor these in. 6. Have an Active Rest Day Working out too hard and too much is a thing. So make sure you give yourself a day to take it easy, but don´t get lazy. It's important to give your muscles a rest and your mind some time off. Try something less strenuous and more relaxing but strive to keep your body moving. Some options could be golf, tai chi, yoga, tennis or going for a long walk or a slow bike ride. 7. Track your Progress Sometimes we get so caught up on the end goal that we forget to appreciate and enjoy the process. Getting to your ideal body doesn't have to be the only measure of success - there are other ways you could celebrate your progress too. Maybe you no longer crave coffee or sweet things, perhaps you can do 25 pushups when you could barely do 5 at the start, maybe unassisted pull ups are now your thing or it might just be that you enjoy life more. Whatever your goal, notice the positive changes in you. This will keep you committed to an active lifestyle long term.

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